Friday, 8 February 2013

"Celtic warrior meets Wahine Maori"

For Donna and Lloyd

The Celtic design represents Lloyd and is a manu (bird) diving and swooping down...The Maori design represents Donna and is a maunga (mountain that also represents her Iwi)... It also represents the balance of yin and yang between these two lovely people. The enclosed space between them represents the space in their hearts for their tamariki (children) Tony and Cindy. That is all... 

In stages 
 Sketch of patterns and background
Celtic Warrior meets Wahine Maori

Watch THIS Space!!
 Celtic design nearly finished
 Maori design sketched out
On its way...
 Celtic design finished
 Maori design finsihed
Piece nearly finished - just cleaning up and details to go...
Left side and top finished - nearly there...and FINISHED!!!

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