Cultural Design Teaching Resources

Maori and Samoan Design Resource Kits for early learners, and middle - senior Primary students have finished production! Suitable for use by teachers, home-educators and parents (first educators).

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These are hand-drawn in black vivid/sharpies, each drawing uses my interpretation of a combination of the beautiful design elements from Samoan tattoo and tapa OR Maori carving, weaving and painting(kowhaiwhai). I have designed them mainly to be used as motivation for students to appreciate, enjoy, respect and learn about these cultural design elements and to be used by teachers in conjunction with Te Whaariki and The NZ Curriculum document. (See more information below)... 

Middle - Senior Primary Kit

Early Learners Kit
  • Middle - Senior Primary Kit
    Early Learners Kit

  • A few examples of  how these Kits could be used:  

    Pre-Literacy activities (exercising the fine-motor skills needed for holding a pencil, manipulating writing materials, following and drawing within lines, building the foundations for eye-tracking, hand-eye co-ordination which are essentials for reading), 
    Visual Art (playing with colour, complementary/hues/monochrome/tones and creating the 'stained-glass-window' look), 
    As photocopied 'colouring-in' handouts, single-use artworks, photocopied and enlarged for a group project or classroom display,
    Specifically for a Maori or Pacific design unit,
    As a support for Maori or Pacific students' learning,
    visual representation of the cultures within theinclusive classroom

    All of these kits may be used as a resource forMaths ( shapes, symmetry, rotation, reflection etc),Social Sciences (learning about diverse cultures and identities), Learning Languages (cultural knowledge),Visual Art (colours, line, Maori/Samoan design elements), English (looking at symbolism, visual language), Mental Health (relaxation,colouring activity) and acknowledging the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi through reflecting the cultural diversity of people in Aotearoa - New Zealand.  

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